Create Product Configuration from Code :On the front End

Hi Techies,

I need to create a configuration of a product from code .

Can you help me out.

I have tried inserting records in the configchoice tables and ecoresconfiguration tables but they are not getting displayed on the form(although I can see those records in the table from backend).

Let say you have a bom : PC 201

bom lines are having items : Pc201abc,Pwc201bcd,Pc201cde.

So for Item PC 201 when you edit this product and click the maintain configuration form you can see the configuration form.

I want to create this configurations from code

Highly appreciate any help on this.


Try to check fields and table carefuly.
I donĀ“t know which version you have, but in AX 2009 you need tables configTable, BOM , configchoice and configGroup.

In table configchoice be careful about field BOMRefRecId which refer to BOM config consuption records through BOM recid.

In table BOM about configGroupId which is defined in table configGroup.

Maybe it will help a little bit.


Thanks a lot Daniel,

I am using AX 2012 R3 version .

I will check on the BOM table and see if I am able to create the config.