Create PDF in Enterprise Portal 2009


I have made a button on my user control which should trigger a function that 
runs an AX report. The report should be directed to the user which should be 
able to save it as a PDF file.

I searched on the internet and found information on the EPSendDocument 
class. However, it is all AX 4 related. I saw that there is a EPSendDocument 
proxy class and I tried that. I can create a new instance of it but there the 
makedocument method is not provided in the proxy?!

I checked the proxy file and it mentions only this:


Anyone who can help me out? Is this old (Ax4) stuff that i shouldn't use 
anymore? In that case what should is use instead??

Thanks for any advice!

Never mind, problem solved.

Hey even I am stuck with the same problem can you please elaborate on this topic .

I want to print/display(or save as pdf) the sales proforma report from the enterprise portal.

It would be great if you can send the .xpo for this projects in case you have it ,or share the code .

Waiting for your reply.


Vikas Mehta.