Create overtime in production order routing

Dear All,
I was very surprised that my production order unchanged when I
add new line in the two overloaded machines, based on the gantt
charts production schedule, in their planning calendars.
The new line add means to increase work hour on that day (overtime)
but after added the line, the production order refreshed or replan
but result in nothing, the overloaded histogram with red sign
still exists. Could you give me is there another way ?
to assure that the machine planning calendar has ever been
added new line to prove there was ever overtime.
I don’t move to another spare machine or to the next day.
I apreciate your answer beforehand. tks


So in summary you added more capacity requirements, they showed in the load of the work centre but not in the gantt chart? I am not really clear what your issue is. Have you come out and gone back in or refreshed the chart?

From the Production Order Routing screen, show the column “Schedule Manually” and check the box for the line you wish to enter an Ending Time for which goes beyond that capacity’s “Ending Time” shift/calendar. That’s how you can manually override the system from sending your ending time into the next day or correcting it to a hard stop.