Create new sales line and packing slip line after opening PackingSlip form (salesEditLines)


I have requirement like…

After opening packing slip form (Sales Order/ Posting/ Packing Slip)the prompt will ask the new item and quantity. Once user enter the item and quantity, the new line need be added in sales line and the same into Packing Slip line.

For that , I used SalesLine.createline() to create a sales line. The new lines showing in sales Table form. But that is not reflected into packing slip form(SalesEditLines) . I used salesFormLetter.update() method, this method is creating duplicates record in all the sales parm table(SalesParmLine, SalesParmUpdate, SalesParmTable).

Any one please help to resolve this. I am using AX 4.

What exactly do you want from us? To explain why two completely different methods do two different things?

Hi martin,

Thank you for your reply.

Here is my actual requirement.

When clicking Ok button on SalesEditLines form during packing slip, a pop up window should appears on the screen and we will give item id and quantity. Based on that a new sales line and packing slip line get added to the sales order.

I have tried to write a code on Ok button clicked method b4 super(). Please help to achieve this.

You have to create both SalesLine and SalesParmLine.

And please never put any business logic into clicked() method.

Yes martin. I will use salesLine.CreateLine() method to create salesLine. How can i create SalesParmLine ??

I have tried to debugging it. But no luck.

Look at SalesParmLine.initFromSalesLine() and how it’s used.

I can’t give you all details, because I haven’t seen AX 4 for many years…

Thank you for your valuable information.