Create new Language pack Tool

is there a tool to creat a new language pack?

a way to export all field captions and messages in english for example and translate them.


im talking about NAV

Translating the captions of all the objects in Dynamics NAV is not very difficult. Just use (from the Object Designer) Tools - Translate - Export. And then I will recommend you to use a tool to help you do this. A suggestion would be the Mergetool ( It supports the process very good.

The “problem” is to create the “rest” of the pack. All the help text and especially the FIN.STX file. These you can easily edit, but in order to be able to use them, then they need to have a “control-key” added to them, to in this way to “lock” them. And currently this tool is only available to Microsoft countries.

There are exceptions though. In example for China/Taiwan/Japan, it’s not Microsoft who have created the language pack, but Microsoft partner Tectura. So if you have a specific language/country in mind where no language pack exists today, then why not just contact Microsoft?

thanks a lot, i will do that

Hi Romeo,

We are working on a language pack for NAV that will allow it to be used in unlimited number of languages. Currently we have created a language pack for Dynamics SL.

LinguaPack for Microsoft Dynamics SL allows Microsoft Dynamics SL to be translated into potentially unlimited number of languages, including German, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, French, Spanish, Italian, Vietnamese, and others. The language enabled software allows end users to simply change the language of the user interface screens and reports while all functionality of the original software are unchanged.

For more info you can mail me on

Dear Erik,

I’m trying to translate the fin.stx file to Arabic language. And I’m trying to use “Microsoft Localization Studio”, but I couldn’t. I’m wonder if there is a new version for “Microsoft Localization Studio” to be used for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1 and If you can help me in order to translate the file.

How can I make the translated fin.stx file works.?

Thanks in advance.