create item variants and its production order

Dear all,
I am confusing setting item variants in AX item table, for example :
item A is a finished good
produced in the type like as follows :

  1. weight 300 gram / pieces item A
  2. weight 250 gram / pieces item A
  3. vol. 120 ml / pieces item A
  4. vol. 250 ml / peices item A

so, the item A will be produced in many type of variants but contains the same BOM/ingredients.
How to set the items in the item table ? do I have to create item A-1, item A-2, item A-3 and item A-4 ?
How the production order created because the routing will be batch flow shop and the finishing machines will be splitted after mixing operation finished ?
I really appreciate your answer so much. tks in advance


Hi Andreas,

Are you talking about ‘configurations’ as an item dimension when you say variants?

If so, you do not have to create items A-2, A-3, A-4 etc; you can have one item code which has a number of variants corresponding to how A-2 , A-3 & A-4 are made.

Take a look at the functionality offered at menu Inventory Managment\ Set Up\ Dimensions\ Configurations to see if it fits with you need.