Create Item Journal Template with some default value


I am using NAV 5.0 and is setting up an Item Journal template with specific batch name.

I would like to fix the columns needed to ease the new record creation, together with some column with default value instead of selecting the option each time a line.

How should I saved my template in my format and with preset values on selected columns ?

Seeking for advice.



Hi Lee,

There is no “template” function in journals. It sounds more like you’re looking at the journal as if it was an Excel sheet?

The only way to give some “columns” a default, is by setting them up in the batch. If you would more “columns” (called fields in NAV) to have a default value assigned to the journal, then you need to have this customized into your solution.

Hi Erik,

Yes, I am referring to batch name in the Item journal in NAV 5.0

As there is some constant value required on the specific journal batch, e.g Reason code : 33

I wish to have this ‘default’ each time a new line is created for consistency.

I am not sure if in the designer mode or C/AL editor, I could ‘pre-set’ the value on specific column.



You would need to get a developer to code this. As you say, then there are already fields like the reason code, which is transferred to the actual journal. But you cannot add more fields without programming.