Create Invoice

In project module ,invoice proposal form . When i m trying to create invoice, it is giving the following error:

Bad container.
Unable to create queryRun
Object 'QueryRun' could not be created.

But amazing thing is that invoice is getting created for other compnay. Here we r using total 5 company. 
For 4 company invoce is getting created and for one compnay it is giving the above error.

I have debug  the class projinvoicechoose. In this class main method is there..and debugger stop at the below line:
 projInvoiceChoose   = ProjInvoiceChoose::new_InvoiceChoose(projChoose,projInvoiceProjId,projId,projProposalJour);

What can be the problem is opening for other company


delete your user settings for the object and your problem will be solved.

Hi hans,

actually ,i am creating the new class and when the open the class,the error is coming.

please expalin briefly.