Create Invoice Journal via AIF

Hi All,

I am trying to create an invoice journal using AIF services in AX 2012. I have tried to use LedgerGeneralJournalService and LedgerPurchaseInvioceService but none of them allows me to make an invoice journal. The first one only creates journal type : Daily and the second one only creates Invoice register. Is there any service for creating an Invoice Journal?

Which type of invoice journal do you mean?

Journal Type: Vendor invoice recording

Aha, so you want to integrate what you would do manually in Accounts Payable > Journals > Invoice > Invoice journal.

LedgerPurchaseInvoiceService, according to the documentation, “creates a purchase invoice that is based on the associated purchase order”.

LedgerGeneralJournalService is restricted to daily journals.

If none of them suits you, you’ll have to make a customization.

By the the way, the list of standard document services is here: Standard Document Services [AX 2012].

yup, you got that right. I guess I have to go with the customization then.


Hey, Did you succeed on this?. Please let me know your experience. Thanks