Create interaction -> Template


When I want to create an Interaction I get a fault.

I select the type of interaction, and I fill in all required fields.

I click next, and again next, and MS Word opens.

All fields are replaced for the values (Company name, contacts name).

Now my template is ready, it is now a letter.

But when I close MS Word (with or without saving) I get an error:

"The operating system cannot find the drive and directory specified for the file .

Please check that the drive, directory and file names are correct."

I think there is a setting not correct, but I don’t know what setting.

I already tried to change the setting “Sales & Marketing => Setup => Marketing Setup => General => Attachment Storage Type”.

I have tried both of the settings “Embedded” and “Disk File” but it won’t help.

Can someone tell me what to do?

Thanks in advance,

I also had this error. I was a few years ago, so I dont remember all the details. But it was not in NAV! It reason was something about the default file directory setup in Word. I think it was where Word stores the NORMAL.DOT file and that it either was not set, or that the directory where this file was located did not exist or we did not have write permissions in this directory.

Do you get the same error when you use the word integration functionality to create interactions (not templates)?