Create Individal PO's per line from Req Worksheet

I have configured the ordering parameters to create Truck load quantities within the Planning worksheet, then the requirements are moved to the Req worksheet prior to creating. What I am looking to do is create10 separate PO’s, one per truck load vs having all 10 lines populate one purchase order.
Blanket PO s are not an option and selecting each line individually to create a PO is not efficient. Are there settings that can be employed to create the desired multiple POs ,one per req line, vs one PO for all req lines?

Unfortunately not. Since it sounds like you modified the system to fit your truck load ordering, you should build in a flag on the Req. Line for “Truck Load” that gets set when the lines come over from the Planning Worksheet. Then build into the Carry Out Action function to create a separate PO per “Truck Load” line. That should finish out your update nicely.