create groups in shortcut list

hi all,

new to nav and the forum so please bear with me.

i’ve put a number of shortcuts together in the main screen, left hand menu. i’d like to show all reports in a group called reports (easy to create group - just right click).

i can’t figure out how to ‘drag’ (or equivalent) the items into the new groups…

any ideas please?



Just click one of the reports and press Ctrl+X (to cut it). Then go to the new group and press Ctrl+V (to paste it).

Hi Rosy,

You have two options - use Cut (from the menu position ) & Paste (into the shortcut group) or use Right click (Ctrl+Alt+S) to send to shortcuts

Shortcuts will only be available to you - have you considered using a personalised menu?

Hey, is this working for you now?

What version of NAV are you using and are you working with an end-user licence? There were some “features” in 4.00 that made this difficult.

The initial 4 release was flaky in this area, but the cut and paste worked (generally) but you could not drag and drop them into your custom groups.

thanks for your help! all good now.


The NAV help text mentions that you can create shortcuts to external files or folders. Shortcuts to files work fine, but I cannot manage to create a shortcut to a folder path. Anyone ideas? Should I use a specific format or parameter in the url?