Create filter on display method using views

Hi All,

I need to create a filter on display method. I am creating a view with one datasource , I need to add a display method having filter on this view. Please help me how to create on this.

Hi Sridhar,

I’m sorry but filtering on display methods is like the holy grail in AX development, until now it’s not possible to filter on display methods If you can’t get around this problem, you can try to generate a temporary table populated with table fields and methods but it’s quite heavier in coding and performance



Views in database can’t refer to X++ methods in AX. You either have to rewrite the display method to a computed column (in AX2012) or let AX to save the calculated value to a normal persistent field in database.


I have used Computedcolumns, it is working as expected, I am able to filter records for display methods.

Thank you all for helping me.


This problem looks typical, can you send screen shots so, that I can understand and we can learn new things.


what is the use of Computedcolumns? how you got the solution and explain Briefly?



this may help you.