Create customer in more than one company directly


I need to create customers in more than one company just by creating it in a single default company.

For e.g. if I create customer XYZ in company A then it should be auto created in company B, company C automatically. Here I want individual entries in all the companies so that they can be editted individually and all the companies can have their own version of the entry.

Thanks in advance!!!

Is this a development request and you want people to advise on the best approach or coding? I am not clear what you are asking.

Yes this a development request.

I will be very thankful if anybody is able to guide me with coding.


Is this AX 2012? If so, look for the data migration tool that I posted. That should do the trick.

Yes it is AX 2012

Can anybody tell me which class creates customers and inserts data in custtable??


Unlike previous versions, importing data in AX 2012 is not that easy. Here are the list of classes -

  1. CustCustomer_CustTable
  2. CustCustomer_DirParty_DirOrganization
  3. CustCustomer_DirPartyContactInfoView
  4. CustCustomer_DirPartyPostalAddressView
  5. CustCustomer_OrganizationName

Code sample is there in the tool which I mentioned.