Create Company Notes where no On-Line Help exists

Hi All, does anyone know how you can create a link in Navision to Client Notes for an object outside the standard range, without having to create On-Line Help. e.g. I have (say) Table 27 and add the field 73700: “My New Field”. I want to be able to create Company notes for this field, i.e. a new file such as “T_27_73700_Cust.htm”. Then from the Item Card I want to be able to press F1 in this field, and have a link to the HTML file. Since this fiel will be updated by the client, I do not want to create On-Line help, and go through that whole process. Currently the link to the Field is created through the On-Line help CHP file, but in this case the link to field 73700 is not in the help file, so there is no link. My current wor around, is to put the Company notes into either of the files “F_30_Cust.htm” or “T_27_Cust.htm”. Neither of these options is ideal. Does anyone have an easier solution. (I also thought about creating a huge Help file with say all the field 50000…99999 for each table, but this is not realistic. PS. By the way, the issue of creating Help files, is not the actual creation, but the distribution to every client PC.


Going Twice…

David, be patient. You posted the question one month ago. We are waiting for a ‘GlobalFilter’ since the Navision Windows Version. However, I really have no easy solution. Quite a lot of times the custumers asking me for, at least, company notes on fields in customised tables. But for now I have not found a solution; like you. Regards Walter

The only real solution I can see, is to just craete a huge HELP file, that contains a large range of numbers, so that at least the link is there. Currently my solution is to train the clients to use the Help button on the form, and store additional information there. But there needs ot be a neater solution.