Create child production orders

Hi guys, Does anyone know how should I do this: I want to create a production order to reference another production order. For ex.: BOM1 uses 2BOM2. PO1 creates 10BOM1. From here, I should make PO2 to create 20*BOM2, and to reference the PO1. I imagine this must be reflected in the Prod table/Reference tab, Item reference or Summary reference group fields. For ex., you can create from Sales table a po to reference that sales line, from Inquiry/Production order. Thanks in advance Regards, Mugur

Never mind, I already got the solution: "On your BOM line for BOM1 you have BOM2 with usages as 2. Under General Tab of BOM line under BOM group you have BOM type. Use BOM type as “Production”. With this setup when you create a PO1 for BOM1 and you release the PO1, another PO2 will automatically be created for BOM2 referencing PO1 " CD