Create Check Boxes for YesNo fields in Excel through X++

Hi All,

I am trying to import the grid to Excel through X++ (not the default Export to Excel feature) and want to know how to create a check box when ever i encounter a yesNo field which is a check box in the gird. Your suggestions are greatly appreciated.


user Excel objecct in your code


Excel.Application oXL;
	Excel._Workbook oWB;
	Excel._Worksheet oSheet;
	Excel.Range oRng;

how to add check box ?

if your value is Yes then



if No ActiveSheet.CheckBoxes.Add()

hope this is helpful.

I have been using

SysExcelWorkbook sysExcelWorkBook;
SysExcelWorkSheets sysExcelWorkSheets;
SysExcelWorkSheet sysExcelWorkSheet;
SysExcelWorkSheet sysExcelWorksheetBackOrder;
SysExcelWorksheet sysExcelWorkSheetToBeDeleted;

these objects for Export to Excel . How i can use Excel object in X++ ?

Also i want to add only check box to a specific column. How does ActiveSheet relate to a specific column?

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