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Dear Experts

Please suggest me how to create bar-code without help of bartender or any other software mean to say directly from nav . I used 2009 version . Please suggest me how to do it

In your report change the font of the variable into a barcodefont. Use a barcodefont that is installed on the computers of the people that have to print it. Sometimes you will have to put a * before and after the value of the variable so it will be recognised by barcodescanners.

PS use the search option of this site for more info.

Barcodes can be much more difficult than they appear. If you want something that is for scanning in house I would suggest the code 39 font. Every scanner in the world will recognize it and all you need is an * at start and end. GS1 barcode, the new UCC128, is an encoded barcode and will take a little more work to set up but this format is the newest and most widely accepted format. If the barcodes will be used by your customers i would strongly suggest the GS1

Dear Dennish & a_bleurmink

its not an answer of my question ,please note that i want to create bar code for my items directly from navision .

what is it that you dont understand from a_bleumink’s reply? you need to have barcode font. change the font of your item.“no.” into a barcode font. try it and see if you need to add star sign as prefix and suffix.

or … find it here :

This is by far my favorite barcode generator. Have a try!

Great Resource~ Thanks for sharing, Ivy.[:D]