Create automatically labels for controls in Axapta.

Currently all controls on forms in axapta on property Label and Help Text have directly inserted text, not label.

I need a method to create automatically labels for all controls. I use Axapta 4.

Hi Adrian,

The best practice in Ax is to use labels right from the beginning. In your case it looks it has not been adhered to.

Any way, I can’t think of a way to automate this. Bottom line is labels in Ax are actually stored as physical files.

  1. So as first step, label file has to be created. I recommend to be created from Ax.
  2. And then follow standard way of creating labels in Ax.


Hi Adrian,

I believe that you could iterate through AOT nodes (e.g. usingTreeNodeTraverser) and read/write values using treeNode.AOTgetProperty()/AOTsetProperty() (use macro #Properties for property names). Lables can be created by the SysLabelEdit class.