Create Approval Entries Cue


I would like to create a new cue - approval entries cue.

that each user will see on the cue how many approvals he need to approva / reject and when he clicks the cue the approval list filtred to his user will open up?

Can anyone help with that?




Look for - cue - activities and - role center in object designer to find samples.

Create a table “cue” with flowfields for your filters.
Use it in a page “activities” (don’t forget to create a record onOpenPage - add the activities page to your (new) role center page.

That’s it, I think.


how do i filter each user to see its own approval lines?

I’ve got the approval entries on the dashboard but i couldnt figure out how do i filter each user to see its own approval lines? (what filter do i use on the approver field?)

Use should use “USERID = Approver ID” for that Approval entry…It may work…

Nope :confused:
It just put ‘Userid’ in the filter as a text.

Hii Barak…
I meant to say.Filter “Approval Entry” page on “Approver ID” and Approver ID must be USERID…You can do it with code also…

the drilldown part i can do with code like you said.
but how do i get the system to show the correct number on the cue itself. the cue is based on a flowfield, and i cant filter the userid on the flowfield (or can i ? )