Create ADD-On

Helo, I am a newcomer in microsoft dynamics NAV. I have make 2 add-ons related to retail & manufacturing. Someone please help me …

thank you.

What is you request exactly?

actually i am new in NAV. Some little knowledge of programming. But i have to make ADD-ONS. Please help. From where should i start??

You should start by googling training facilities near your location

Please Give me some link. Actually i do not have any idea regarding how to make Add-on…

Thank You.

Savatage has given you the best, most-appropriate answer possible. You need training/education, the nature and source of which will depend largely upon the skills you already have, or lack. The information you’ll need will also depend on the role you’ll have in creating these add-ons. Will you be doing the technical heavy lifting (design, code, test), the management of the project (staffing, budgeting, working with Microsoft to register and publish the add-on), sales and marketing, or a little of everything? What you’ll be responsible for will drive your training plan.

If you look, you’ll certainly find all manner of training resources available globally. Just Google “Dynamics NAV training” and you’ll have more information than you can digest. All you need to bring to the table is effort and commitment.

And just to give you some perspective, the task you’ve asked for help with (developing a NAV add-on) is something that requires a considerable level of experience in developing and supporting NAV systems, a vast and thorough understanding of the business or industry that your add-on will be addressing, and a strong knowledge of the demand for your product and the competition you’ll face in that market segment, among other things. And that experience is not something that may be gained by surfing through a few training sites, or by asking someone to explain how it’s done.

I won’t ask how, with so little NAV experience, you came to be responsible for a project that requires so much. But I would like to help you, so I’ll ask if you wouldn’t mind giving us a bit more information about what it is, specifically, that you’ve been asked to do. I ask only because I know that language differences can create misunderstanding, and that what you mean when you say “I have to make add-ons” can be completely different than what comes to my mind when I hear the question. So maybe you could just give a general description of some of the tasks and deliverables that you would be working on during the first month, it might help confirm in my mind that we’re both talking about the same thing.

Thank You George Love. Actually I joined a company last week as a fresher with little knowledge of C/AL coding in client UI. But yesterday my boss told me to design 2 add-on related to manufacturing and retail. i have no idea regarding “How to create ADD-On”. So please help me.

Why cant you say your boss that you have not created any add-on before and ask him to provide some training.

That is the main Problem. I can’t tell him. so please provide some training module…

Thank You.

Why cant you tell?

You will get similar questions and suggestions only so better join a training institute or talk to your boss.

Siddhartha, out of a sincere wish to offer you sound advice, and coming from the experience of having seen this type of scenario play itself out to its inevitable conclusion, I strongly recommend that you do exactly this …

Immediately go to your boss and explain that, for whatever reason(s) there may be that have led him to the conclusion that you are capable of doing the work that he’s asked you to do, you, in fact, are not capable of doing the work. Tell him frankly and with no equivocation that the work of developing a commercially-competent Navision Add-On is well beyond your current abilities.

I understand that explaining the situation to him in this way will have consequences, and, from your posts, I’m assuming that the consequences will be largely unfavorable for you.

But let’s look at this from a realistic perspective, while trying to consider the best interests of everyone involved, including yourself. The obvious facts are these: your employer has assigned you a task; he and the other members of the company are relying upon you to complete the task; they are all under the impression that you are capable of completing the task; and you are obviously aware that the requirements of the work are well beyond your capabilities.

And the subtle, not-so-obvious facts are these: you have elected to (continue to) deceive your employer into believing that you can do the work; you are, blatantly and with callous disregard for the reputations and well-being of those who would generously volunteer their time and experience, attempting to conscript these good people into helping you to maintain this charade; and finally, and most importantly, the truth will soon become apparent to all involved.

So you really only have two choices - take the high road and explain the circumstances immediately, or continue your current course of action and face the music when the truth comes out. If it were me, I would be far more concerned with the impression that my actions would leave in the minds of the people I would have been working with than I would be with the consequences of being forthcoming.