Create a work order after the registration of receiving a PO


Im facing with this problem:

When I receive a PO, I want to register it but not reserve any location at the shelves. The reason is that I want to do the movements on friday, after all my purchase orders have arrived during the week.

The problem is: if the work for the purchase order reserve a location, probably the items of the last purchase order, which are the ones that I will locate first, wont have an available location.

What I want to do is to reserve the location at the shelves when I do the movements so the ítems that I move first will be the ones to which a location is reserved. I know that I can do this manually, assigning the location to which I move it, but there is an option to do this automatically with the system suggesting the location at the shelve for each movement?

Anybody can help me?


Hey Pusocu,

I’m not real sure I understand your question fully, but have you thought about registering or receiving the material to a “Dock” location or something? Then, from there, you can move the material to wherever you’d like on Friday’s.

If you’re asking about suggested putaway, standard AX 2012 without WHS enabled doesn’t really account for that very well. You could use some of the WMSII functionality, but it’s being deprecated in future versions and is kind of clunky. Maybe someone else can chime in…

Thanks Jake. I setup what you’ve said: receiving the material to a “dock” location and, afterwards, I want to putaway with movements. My question is if, with the WHS enabled, how I setup the system to automatically suggest a location when I decide to move the material to the shelves?