Create a temporary customer creation card and convert them to customers and delete the record in temporary table

how can i create a customer card and convert them…suggest a solution

Why would you do that?

Hi Prasamsa,

Not quite sure what you’re trying to archive or where? When you write “customer CARD” then most developers will hear “I’m trying to create a card” which is either a form or a page. But I’m not sure that’s where your problem is?

Temporary tables are tables which only exists temporary. That means from the time when they are created by an object, until the run of that transaction is completed. When completed, then the record “deletes” automatically.

You define that a record variable is a temporary table from the same place you define the variable. Either from C/AL Globals or C/AL Locals variables. Then right click and select Properties. Here you can enable the “Temporary” property.

You work with a temporary record exactly the same way as you work with a normal record. The only exception is that the temporary records are not inserted into the database, they only stay in memory (only your sessions memory). So everything works insert, modfify, delete etc.