Create a PO from a Template (Error Message)

When a user tries to create a PO from a template, an error message displays (Insufficient Rights to execute menu item Purchase Order). Does anyone know what this signifies, as the PO does actually create itself in the background?

It means that the user has insufficient security rights as part of the creation of the purchase order, you will need to debug it, I guess this is not all users?

Yes that is correct. It only seems to happen to a subset of the Purchase Order Users who create templates. But this is not strictly correct, as it is only a handful of the 60 or so users who create po’s from templates who have encountered this error.


i) Do all PO creators have the same rights.

ii) If one encounters the error and another tries to create it do they receive the same error?

Hi Peter,

As your previous post indicated, check the menu item and make sure that the users have rights on the menu item.

Hope this helps,