Create a pick from proper Bin.

I have created a sales order and warehouse shipment.Once i have tried to Create a pick for the item,it pick it from “the bin which has high bin contents first”(Descendin Order").

But I want to pick the items from “the bin which has least amount of bin contents first”(Ascending Order).

I have tried the Bin Ranking for this. But it doesn’t work.

Nav Guys, Please help me. It is very Urgent.



Hi. This is a forum not a help desk. Ask you Nav help desk or MS Partner. Neil

Hi Neil,

Thanks for your Reply.

I too was looking at the same issue. Can you please help me on this.


Bharath K

Of course your are Bharath, since you both are the same or from same company.

But Neil is correct, if you need urgent help contact your partner. This is a user group, not a support service.

Another time also, if you like a prompt answer from our members, then the best you can do is to follow the posting guide lines listed on the page where you post your question. That includes what did you try yourself to solve the question before asking it here? What is the context of your question? Did this work before? Does it work with other bins, other items? Does it work for other users? And just as important which version is this about?

Personally I cannot help you with this issue, as I have no experience using bins. But the more details the better (to a certain degree - questions with too much details may require too much time to read - so still keep it simple).

Hi Erik,

Sorry for that,

I have created a sales order for an item which is in white location and creates a warehouse shipment for it. I also create a warehouse pick for that shipment but when I see the warehouse pick lines the items are picked from bins in a random order.

I went through the create pick CU but I could not find anything by which it is selecting the bins.

All I want to do is to pick items from the bins which lowest content first to bins which have higher content(ascending Order).

Once I apologize for my mistake.


Bharath K

And which version and localization? In a Cronus company I assume from the location names?

I am using NAV 2009 R2 and I am using cronus USA database and location is WHITE.

Please help…

You have to with finding out how does WH-Picks work. Why would you expect it to select it from the lowest content first?

Some of the questions you place can only be answered a Dynamics NAV Expert OR if you attend some Training you’ll learn it - knowledge like this is something you you would normally have to pay for.

Me - myself I did not work with NAV for more than 34 years to give away all I know for free :wink:

Thanks for the reply Palle,

I don’t need the exact answers I just need you to guide me through this.

One of my clients needs it to be done. So it will be really helpful if you just let me know how and the place the bin code is selected in warehouse pick.

So that I can sort it out by using the quantity field to select the bin from lower to higher bins.

Bharath K

Hi erick,

Can you help ?

Bharath K

As I wrote before:

So I’m sorry, I do not have the answer for this.

Thank you, Erick,

Again, this is something that you in any other would have to pay for, because this is a very technical area of Dynamics NAV. You need to participate in some training in order to understand how warehouse picks works - if you don’t, you’ll end up with a lot of other issues later when something does not behave as expected.

NAV does NEVER take items in a random order. There’s a reason for everything!

Depending on if you use Item Tracking or Not, you have to do some development.

A small tip BIN has something with RANKING

Thank you for your valuable replies Neil, Erik, and Palle.

you are correct Palle. Nav doesn’t take the items in a Random Order. It took it by Bin Ranking.

Now,I am working on the code unit 7312(Create Pick).



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