Create a new Item Number in Purchase Order Details under AP

Hey all,

I need some help in learning how to add a new “item number” into the pull down menu in the Purchase Order Details. I have tried to add the new item in “inventory management” but it isn’t showing up. Does anyone have any other ideas?

Thanks for any help in advance.

How did you go about adding the item to Inventory Management?


I hope you are using AX 2009. How have you created the item? Make sure that inventtablemodule is updated with the record.


I went to inventory management>setup>posting>purchase order tab>added it to the packing slip, consumption, and packing slip purchase. I am also wondering how do I add things to the “item code” column in the same screen? Because if I choose “table” rather than group or all I can see everything that shows up in the purhcase order “item number”.

You need to go to Inventory Management > Common Forms > Item details and create the item there. There will be some required fields such as Item Group, Dimension Group, Inventory Model Group.

Life saver. Thanks so much!! How I didn’t look there, I don’t know.