Create a group header

I need to create a group header with Dimension Code (Table 352) on the report 13302.

I want report 13302 order and group by Dimension Code

How can I do it?


Any idear for this???

luana - don’t be so impatient… 2 hours have only passed.

According to Obj.number R13302 is a n localisation object - but you shoud know it already, as, in contrary to majority of us, you’ve SEEN this report.

I haven’t, so I don’t know what is it about - but sorting, and from there grouping later, can be made only based on DataItem table KEY (index) only. That’s all I can suggest for you right now.

You can also take a look at FREESORT from the download section.
Perhaps that can help, it’s going to require some work.

My report has only one DataItem = Customer.

I Need to group all my customer data by Default Dimension code field (Table 352).


Default Dimension code X




Default Dimension code Y




For this case, I don’t know how to relate this 2 tables. They have in common the customer code. But from table 352 I only want Default Dimension code, from customer in my customer table filter.




Two options:

  1. If the dimension is a global dimension then you can group by this.

  2. If not, add in a dataitem for the default dimension and have the customer as a indented dataitem. Link the two and don’t forget to use the “PrintOnlyifDetail” property

Thanks Dave

The 2 option was ok.

But, with a groupheader for the field : Default Dimension code X, if there is no customer for a groupheader how can I avoid this section to be printed.

The groupheader is printed but there is no customer detail :frowning:


You don’t need a group header just a body for the default dimension and then the “PrintOnlyifDetail” property will fix your problem.

Hi Dave

I really need the groupheader, because in body section I will have problem, even with PrintOnlyifDetail" property check :frowning:


When your data item looks like:

Default Dimension
Customer (indented)

as advised by other members, you can take default dimension to be a header for Customer.