Create a form in AX 2009

Hello Friends,

I want to create a new form in ax 2009.

1st column of form suppose Type (enum field- value A & B) when we can click on new button then select the A the 2nd column automatically select the new number sequence (e.g 0001_A) and when we select B then Number sequence is (0001_B)

e.g Type Number

A 0001_A

A 0002_A

B 0001_B

A 0003_A

B 0002_B

Please help me

Hi Darshana

As for you requirement only two column in grid,

First Column your Enum field(like a lookup),

you are writing X++ Code for Number Sequence in the Modified method

also do it basic procedure for number sequence

So Whenever user modified first column, Second Column should be Value of Number sequence.

Hopefully it will help u.

Thanks & Regards

Syed Abuthahir