create a dataport with remaining time

hi i want to create a dataport showing with the progress bar the remaining time of finishing

When you look at the dataport properites is your ShowStatus property set to YES?

Apart from showing the progress of the dataport, the window also contains a Cancel button that, when clicked, will cause the processing of the dataport to terminate. If you set ShowStatus to No, the user will not have the opportunity to stop the dataport prematurely.

Hi emrad…

Try the following… [*-)]

Global Var Setup

Window - Dialog
TotalRecNo - Integer
RecNo - Integer


on predata item()

Text001 +
TotalRecNo := Customer.COUNTAPPROX;
RecNo :=0;

on aftergetrecord()

RecNo := RecNo + 1;
Window.UPDATE(1,ROUND(RecNo / TotalRecNo * 10000,1));



There is no onaftergetrecord for dataports.

So depending on if it’s an import dataport : OnAfterImportRecord()
if it’s an export : OnAfterExportRecord()

But the Showstatus should give you a progressbar.

Hey that’s real simple… Cheers!!

what about showing the total and the remaining time??

The percentage is not enough? All you have to do is count how long it takes to reach 1% & extrapolate.

Thank U

how i must do that?

how to calculate the time??

Thank u.