create 1 report/codeunit as function

i have one report

that report is for covert number as a text

for example if you have amount ‘1’ become ‘one’ … ‘2’ become ‘two’… and so on…

how to integrating this report , so if i want to use it in another report, i just call the function


Hi Stan,

Yes you can use…!!!

I was using Check Report’s function FormatNoText for printing amount in words in SO/PO reports.

And now we have created one codeunit for all such purpose to format into text…!!!

You can use it…!!!

hi stan,

another way would be to use Menu suite…just add an menu and link your report in the run object…easy…but this is possible only if you want the same output in some other form…

or as said before you can copy the codes & paste and modify it according to your request in an codeunit / a function in that same report and call it.

All the best[:)]

how to link it?

report that we want to use and the report/codeunit to convert that number

Hi Stan,

You can declare the report as a variable and then call the function


MyReport .MyTextFunction();