Creadit Note

How to do the creadit note in ax9,sales order ?.


my sales order 002 contains item (fg-001) with the qty of 100kg.i invoiced this 100kg by 3 times like 20,30,50kg.Now i want to do the creadit not for 30kg & 50 kg in a single creadit problem is i cant select 2 invoice(30&50),secondly if i do the creadit note for 30kg and try for the 50kg its getting error.So please give me a brief an how to do the Credit note.



You can do a return order, you can do a negative line. The credit note function relates to an invoice. I would say put on a negative line and invoice it, but if you want stock control use a return order, receive and invocie.

Then apply the one credit note to the two invoices in open transaction editing.