Crash on logout from axapta

Hello, we use axapta in an terminalclient area (citrix). during 2 days i get an error (crash down) of axapta if i try to logout. Nothing has been changed at the system… I 'am happy about all suggestions. Thanks flauschi

Hi, We have been using Citrix clients for quite some time now. I have not come across any error messages when clients log out. If possible, can you post the error message please. Also what is your version of Axapta? Are they all connecting through Citrix? Regards, Harish Mohanbabu

Hi, thank you very much for your answer. we use Axapta 3.0 SP3 Here ist the crash dump file ---------------------------------------------------------------- Crash dump file for Microsoft Business Solutions-Axapta build Dumped : Mon May 30 13:17:59 2005 Crash : Exception 0xc0000005 was caught by exception filter -------------------- --# FV EIP----- RetAddr- FramePtr StackPtr Symbol 0 .V 0081e3d4 0055400d 0012fd50 0012fd2c Mod: ax32[ax32.exe], base: 00400000h 1 .V 0055400d 00000000 00000000 0012fd2c Mod: ax32[ax32.exe], base: 00400000h Stackdump exit code 487 (Es wurde versucht, auf eine unzulässige Adresse zuzugreifen) thank all very much regards flauschi

Hi there, Need some more information to make an educated trouble shoot. Please let us know the following info - 1) Are all the users connecting through Citrix? 2) What is the OS of AOS server? 3) By any chance, are you using Active Directory? Reason I am asking the above questions are - in the past I have noticed that when you try to connect a different version of client to different (i.e version mismatch) AOS/Application etc, you tend to get such error message. Also if you are using Active Directory and the users do not have sufficient rights, then again such error message pops up. Also you have mentioned that you are facing this error since the last two days. Does this mean it was working well before that? If so are sure that no changes were made any where (either user machines, AOS, Application, Citrix etc). Kind regards, Harish Mohanbabu