cpumoni.exe and 100% cpu usage.

What are the true facts regarding cpumoni.exe and the following comment? Since the 2.5 upgrade last week they have been experiencing a very slow network. Ha! You say? It’s true. The navision client installation adds a file called cpumoni.exe that wreaks havoc on the server. When this program kicks in the CPU usage cranks up to 100 %. This is not good. Hardware recommends renaming this file to cpumoni.old. This will keep the troublemaker from causing any more problems. Just an FYI in case any of you will be installing or upgrading a client.

Thanks for your comments. When I upgraded to 2.5 I noticed it was slower. Could cpumoni.exe be it?

I’ve Navision Financials 2.00.C and in Server there is a process called cpumoni which every 10 minutes turns on and consumes 100% of CPU. I’ve read something about rename this file (cpumoni.exe), but what I’ll get with it? what is the function of this process?

The only thing cpumoni.exe does is to report the number och milliseconds used in each processing step when monitoring with Client Monitor. So if You’re not intrested in the CPU usage when looking at Client Monitor, You can rename or delete cpumoni.exe. Client Monitor will work without cpumoni.exe. It just won’t tell You the CPU Usage for each processing step.