CP: Shopping Cart and No reply from Navision

I am getting another example of these No reply from Navision problems. It has something to do with the Shopping Cart. It is not displayed at the right side of the CP (insted it shows the No reply from N. error) and trying to enter the Shopping Cart displays the error again in the main frame. Any ideas? I have tried restarting, full synch., shutting down the relevant services one by one but nothing. With best regards, Gulli

Hi I would guess that the NAS/ATAS has run into an ERROR in the code, then a returnmessage is never created. Check the Application Eventlogg for the error. If that not gives enaugh information shut down the ATAS service and run the same functionality from a normal client. Then turn on debugging and unclick “Breakpoint on triggers”, then the debugger becomes active when you run into the error. Then it easily to find out where it is what caused it. I have seen this in 3.10 when a user who logged into the portal has a languagecode and salutation codes for that specific languagecode doesnt exist. Regards, Anders

Hi … Thanks for your reply. I found the problem through the Application Event Log. The user who was logging in was missing Posting Group setups. With best regards, Gulli