CP 3.60 Using pup2002

How should I do to get my CP running then NOT using the Default IIS website. I get the following errormessege: Authmanager(commerceserver): you should call Authmaneger::initialze() method with a valid site name Line 77 in Global.asa Then I give the “IUSR_Computermane” account administrator priveliges I get the following messege instead: Object recuired: Application(…) line 446 in UTIL.asp

Hejsan Fredrik, See document “CRK Common Errors CP 3.60.doc” available in the readiness kit (the sections below are copied from that doc.): VBScript Error VBScript runtime (0x800A01A89), Object required: 'Application(…), /ncpi/include/properties.asp, line 26 Answer 1. All the objects from Attain have not finished synchronizing or the Web front was attempted to be started before synchronizing finished. Confirm that all objects are synchronized from Attain, have left the synch message queue and then restart Internet Information Server Admin service. 2. Data Warehouse is not installed properly. SQL Analysis service must be installed and when unpacking the .pup file do a “Test Connection“ to OLAP server which must be verified as ok. Commerce.AuthManager.1 Error AuthManager(CommerceServer): You should call ‘AuthManager::Initialise()’ method with a valid-name, before calling any other AuthManager API. There are several possible reasons for this error message, as outlined below. Answer 1. Check the SQL table COMMERCE_WEBSITE to see if the ASP_File_Folder field name has the correct content specified. This field is set up in the ASP File Folder field on the Web Site card. To check the field in Attain, click Commerce Portal, Web Sites. 2. Check the site name in the csapp.ini file. The file is located in the root of the Commerce Portal site. 3. Check that a connection to the Commerce Server Manager can be established. In the manager snapin, verify that the SQL Server user name and password is correctly set up for the Commerce Server. 4. Check that there aren’t any read-only files in the Commerce Portal Web site directory. 5. When unpacking the Commerce Portal Website, be sure that you are logged in with local system administrator rights on the Commerce Server 2000/2002 computer. I have also experinced problems when unpacking the pup on windows 2000 sp3 using terminal server. If possible I would recommend unpacking the pup logged in at the console and not through TS. Regards, Bruno