CP 3.10 HTTP 500 Error

Hello, we have installed the Commerce Portal 3.10 on the following platform: - Microsoft SQL server 2K(enterprise edition) + SQL SERVER Analysis services + SP2 - Commerce server 2K + SP2 - XML 4.0 Parser - Navision Aplication server + Navision server + Navision client (all 3.10 A) + Demo Database Cronus International L.t.d When performing Force synchronization, everything goes OK - we can see it in the Message Queues, and after some time even the web pictures are generated in folder c:\inetput\wwwroot\CommercePortal\images. But after all, the link to the CP web page doesn’t work completely. Unfortunately, I can’t upload the screenshot on the site, but I will try to explain - the page is loaded only partialy, that is all the frames (up, left and down) exept the central one are shown properly. In the central (main) frame, we get the error: The page can not be displayed… HTTP 500 Internal server error. When we enable Script debbuging in IIS, we get the following (more precise) error on the next line of code: Filename: Customermain.asp Line:65 'Get a local reference to the CatalogManager and catalog used. → Set oCatMgr = Application(“MSCSCatalogManager”) Error: Object required: Aplication(…) Any idea?.. Anywhone? It’s kind a urgent…

Hi Sinisa, I wish to enquire from you when you install Navision Application Server, is the Commerce Portal Component enabled? This is because my installation of Attain SG3.10A doesn’t have the component enabled at Custom selection. Which region of Attain 3.10 are you using? Thanks in advance. Edited by - skchong on 2002 Mar 28 04:53:39

Hi Sinisa please read the following as well: http://www.navision.net/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=3321&FORUM_ID=18&CAT_ID=3&Topic_Title=Commerce+Portal+IIS+500.100+error+on+%2Fncpi&Forum_Title=Attain%2FFinancials+-+eCommerce+and+Internet I faced the same problem weeks ago. You installed Analysis services, but are you able to browse any cube? My error message was “/commerceportal/customermain.asp, line 65” as well. I could not resolve the error and then I uninstalled and installed it by the following procedure (you have to follow exactly these steps, otherwise it will not work, or better, otherwise it worked not on my machine). Here is the procedure. I passed this information to Xavier as well but I have no response from him yet. (please install in this order!!!) 1. (Windows 2000 Server + SP2) than (IE 5.5 + SP2) 2. Message Queue 3. Install SQL Server 2000 + Analysis Services(!) 3a. run SQL-Server (or better, check that the service is running) 3b. run SQL-Server Agent (or better, check that the service is running) 4. Install Commerce Server (Complete) 4a. reboot(!!!) 4b. install msxml3.exe 4c. install cs2000 sp2 4d. reboot(!!!) DO NOT FORGET TO REBOOT IN STEP 4! It is good to create a blank site by unpacking the blanksite.PUP 5. Install Attain 3.10 Client with local database 6. Install Navision Server 3.10 and link database 7. Install NAS 3.10 It is good to use special account (with admin right). 8. Install Commerce Portal WIC 9. Unpack commerceportal.PUP 10. Run Attain 3.10 Client using Windows Authentication Good Luck and regards Walter Edited by - walter@kirz on 2002 Mar 28 08:28:13

Hi Walter, Must we use Microsoft Commerce Server complete package? If I were to install the Web Server package, it won’t work?

Honestly, I have NOT tried it with the Web Server Package, but this build in functionality “Credit card payment” from the Commerce Server is in use with the Commerce Portal (e.g. validate credit card numbers). I am not sure how CP2.65 is using the Microsoft Web staff. Kind regards Walter

You could be right, Walter. When I installed NAS with Commerce Server 2000 using Web Server package, NAS just couldn’t be started. However, if I were to removed CS2000, and NAS, then I installed User Portal and NAS, there’s no problem. Hmmm…I can only verify this issue when I have CS2000 complete package. :slight_smile: Thx, Walter.

Hi all, thanks you all for your interest in my problem… Chong, we are using Attain W1 3.10.A, and we have the Commerce Portal Component enabled. Walter, we’ve installed Analysis services, but we aren’t able to browse the data in the demo cubes - we get the ‘unspecified error’. You’ve said that WIC and CS2K are using the ‘missing provider’!? Excuse me for my ignorance, but what is ‘provider’ used for, and how can we (re)install it? Also, if you could be so kind to send me the ppt with the explanation of the data flow between Navision, NAS, CS and SQL server. Thanks you in advance. Anyway, we have started (another) new (re)instalation of the products with the order that you have suggested, and with the minor corrections (we’ve been using IE5.5, and msxml2 and then msxml4). Thanks you for your help. Hope to hear you soon with the good news. Kind regards, Sinisa

Hello Senisa, as I mentioned before I was not able correct the error. What I have done was to uninstall all the components vice versa and then re-install it with the procedure mentioned above. The provider is a MS-OLAP provider which can not be used or which is not installed. I have no clue how to re-install it (perhaps there is an other guru who can help us or provide some more information?). Anyway, make sure you can browse any of this cubes; you do not need to install the ‘rest’ if you can not browse. I will send you diagramms by tomorrow (right now I am not in the office). If there is anybody interested as well, please give me a short notice by email (walter@kirz.co.th). The .ppt have a couple of MB zipped. BTW, Senisa, do I have you email? Kind regards Walter

Hi Walter, thanks you again for your ppt’s. The situation here is that your suggestion to check that cube works have helped us to solve the ‘internal server error’ problem after successfully browsing the cubes - now we can see the available catalogs on the main page. But now we have encountred the new ones… We have lost the picture synchronization, can’t perform login nor driling from catalog to items etc… Now we’re performing new clean installation with some new ideas… haven’t give up yet… we’ll see… Regards Sinisa

Upon conpleting those instructions on installing Commerce Portal, do I have to configure and manage Navision Application Server (NAS)? Or do I just install it and just run Commerce Portal without doing anything on NAS? Thx in advance.


Originally posted by skchong: Upon conpleting those instructions on installing Commerce Portal, do I have to configure and manage Navision Application Server (NAS)? Or do I just install it and just run Commerce Portal without doing anything on NAS? Thx in advance.

Hi! Yes, you have to set up the NAS service. You can do it through Navision Application Server Manager, or through command line. Be careful with the ‘Start-up parameter value’ - it has to be ‘NAS1’, which is the default value of the ‘Code’ field on the Aplication server card in Attain. Regards, Sinisa

Hi Sinisa, Thanks. And I MUST remember MSXML 3.0 Parser. What a painful experience. Do you manage to get the catalog page at default page in Commerce Portal directory ? If yes, would you be kind to share some tips ? Thx.