Coverage group

I have 2 cases here where I do not know why the system does not give me results that I expected:
Case1: Coverage group =RM; coverage code = period; coverage period = 1
I have item ABC which is a purchase item. When looking requirements screen, there is 1 Purchase Order where there is 2 actions for the same Requirement date and To date.
These actions both peg to different demand, but the question is…because we have selected a Period of 1 day, should this not create 1 action for quantity 2, vs. 2 actions for quantity 1?

it seems like the system is acting like the Coverage Group is set to Requirement, not Period of 1 Day. .

Case 2: Coverage group = RM; coverage code =period; coverage period=1

I have another item with the same coverage code. When looking requirements screen, we have 3 planned orders for the same date and same warehouse.

My question is should this not be 1 planned order for a quantity of 16 vs. 3 planned orders for varying quantities?

it seems like the system is treating the Coverage Group of Requirement as Period of 1 Day.

So if someone can explain to me how the coverage group work? Thanks

It seems you are not looking at the “Delivery date” of your demand(Sales order)

The “coverage period” - 1 determine that the demand needs be consolidated per each day. So, if you have two sales orders whose delivery dates are Today+1, Today+2 then you will see two planned orders.

If the two sales order have same delivery date i.e. today+1 then only one Planned order will be created. Because, you asked the system to consolidate per each day.

Pls give us the below details if you want your case needs to be explained.

Time fence of your coverage group, SO’s delivery dates in both the cases.

Thanks for your reply Santosh.

To respond to your questions

  • Coverage Time fence : 1

  • Firming time fence = 0

  • Freeze time = 0

  • Action time fence = 500

  • Capacity time fence = 500

  • delivery dates/ requirement dates from Prodction order lines : WO1 - 01/30/2014 for qty = 1; WO2 - due on 02/03/2014 for qty = 1; WO3- due on 02/03/2014 for qty = 1

Same coverage code

3 production order lines with delivery date

Can you post a screen shot of the planned screen with the pegging?

This is what I see for a Planned order generated by the system and I do not understand how the pegging screen here is working.

And I said the item coverage is 1 day for item ABC . So why multiple demands for that planned order as all requirements are due on # dates.

Reference Reference Number Item number Requirement date Req. quantity Settled quantity
Production line WO-017638 ABC 2/11/2014 -127.12 -115
Production line WO-018669 ABC 2/3/2014 -73.65 -73.65
Production line WO-018670 ABC 1/31/2014 -103.11 -103.11
Production line WO-018671 ABC 2/4/2014 -73.65 -73.65
Production line WO-021546 ABC 2/4/2014 -85.85 -85.85
Production line WO-021802 ABC 2/5/2014 -55.2 -55.2
Production line WO-022354 ABC 2/5/2014 -17.17 -17.17
Safety stock ABC 1/30/2014 -1200 -440.05
Production line WO-022808 ABC 2/3/2014 -85.85 -85.85
Production line WO-022812 ABC 2/7/2014 -55.2 -55.2

You need to post a screen shot of the page and the pegging and then explain why you do not understand it - is this the planned order screen? what is your issue - the production orders of the same date? Firstly look at the route and the time, then look at the pegging and the delivery, then there are a multitude of settings that could cause this like the day planning was run, it creates the first, and then on another day you get the same day, you have not set the system up to action an existing to change to it creates a second demand. All plausible depending upon setup and demand.