Coverage by Dimension Batch & Minimum stock levels


Ax2012 R2/CU6.

We wish to set minimum stock levels for an item which is in a batch tracking dimension group. Coverage by dimension batch is turned on for that tracking dimension group. When setting a minimum stock level an error is displayed;


I assume MRP wishes to set min stock on a per batch basis. However,

  1. Batch is greyed out on the Dimension tab.

  2. We haven’t even made the item yet.

What we wish is for MRP to;

A. generate a WO to replenish stock if stock on-hand falls below minimum.

B. Generate a WO to supply to a SO if the customer wants all stock supplied to be from one batch and on-hand stock is insufficient to satisfy from one batch.

Aside from our observations and wishes, why cant we set minimum stock on an item just because coverage by dimension batch is turned on? I cant even select batch as a dimension!


It should not want you to do this by batch as it is not a dimension you can really select for item coverage configuration. Check the other dimensions like site and warehouse. You can turn on coverage by dimension as standard in the batch tracking dimension, but you cannot specify it, you never have been able to. R3 lets me tick it (probably down to a common user interface form as per the old excuse) but it is not on the item coverage form by item. You dont want it so dont tick it would be my advice!

A. will work, your minimum is the trigger, it suggests a replenishment, you make it and define the batch.

B. Is a little more tricky. Do you have same batch reservation configured for the sales line? If you do you will need to test what happens when you have no batches that can supply the sales line (I have not tried it)