Courseware training material

does anyone know where to download material for nav 2009 courseware?

If you are talking about downloads for free, then no, as that would be illegal. But if your company has a NAV maintenance subscription, then you should be able to get online access to Microsoft’s eTraining.

Yeah, as long as your company is paid up you have access to everything on either CustomerSource or PartnerSource.

To summarize what Erik and Matt already said -

for client:

If you are active on maintenance plan, you can download Courseware materials from CustomerSource for free.
If you are NOT on active maintenance plan, you still can buy them through MS eLearning site. From time to time MS offers selected courses there for free to everyone.

for Partner:

you always pay for Courseware materials, unless you are a Training Partner.

All of above refers to Courseware material series only, do not mix them with different manuals, whitepapers, factsheets etc etc…

i work in partner company

but haven’t done to give training yet

all i want is just for after sales… for maintenance project

to help customer


Arrange CS access for your client – they can theoretically do it themselves, but for you it will be easier – and help them to find the necessary downloads. As I wrote, enduser has access to more materials free of charge than you as Partner.

Maybe “manuals” will be enough, because Courseware is more oriented to instructor-lead training, these even have (had for v5) instructor notes included… My experience is, that after “general introduction course”, held by someone from Partner and which is equal for all users, they can start working, and, having “manuals” on hand, are later capable to look up there some details which may arise during everyday work.

Ideally, every “role” users group should have a instructor-lead training, but rare client agrees to pay for that nowadays. Maybe a compromise could be to train key users in main roles, who will later mentor their colleagues.