Course 80146B Report Design in Microsoft Dynamics NAV Book


I’m new to NAV and i want to focus on the object designer. May i know where i can download the Course 80146B Report Design in Microsoft Dynamics NAV book?

Are you looking fopt this link?

Hi Mohana,

I’m looking for the training book for the course. A link for the download site will be of much help.

Training manuals can be downloaded from microsoft parter source.

I i dont have an account. But in any case if theirs somebody who can share me their ebook. it will be highly appreciated.

If you are not having account.

Speak to your company administrator and use his log id and download material from website.

Tell me one thing…are you working for some(MS Dynamics based) company or just want to read training manual ?


You can download the book from following link

All the best

We just NAV and in the process of implementation and due to the requirments, we dont have time to have a formatl training. I just want to have a crash course in using the object designer.

Hi Amol,

Thank you very much for the ebook.