Coupon Issue

I am working on LS Retail (Navision 2009 ).

I want to create a coupon which will give discount of 50% on every article customer buys or on the total bill. I am trying to create a discount coupon but it not working(as it works but depends on no. of items to trigger). The values i am entering are-

Discount type as discount %.

Discount Value as 50.

Type Manufacturer Discount

Handling Discount

No of items to trigger (0/1/2/3…100)

Affects Any Item Line

I can’t enter 0 on no. of items as it says invalid coupon when i try to use it. I cant make it 100 as it then require 100 items in the bill.

Is there any solution so that it works the way i want to use it.

Thanks in advance.


I know this is an OLD post of yours, but I just joined.

Funny thing is - this is the reason that I joined - to look for a solution very similar to yours.

Did you ever find a way to make it work?