Counted quantity in counting journal made no physical/financial vouchers

I made a small scenario, I have invoiced the purchase order for a material. Then I made a counting journal, if the counted quantity is less than the original, both physical and financial vouchers shows what I expect to see, but if the counted quantity is more no voucher is made… I’m using AX 2012 R3 CU8, weighted average to date item model group for the items.

What could be the reason that when entering a counted quantity there is no voucher posted?

Have you defined a cost for the item?

As the item has an “weighted average date” item model group, I expect that AX calculates the average cost after invoicing the purchase order, and also if the counted quantity greater then the on-hand made the voucher it means it has a cost, when the counted quantity is less then the on-hand meaning a negative adjustment it makes no voucher.

Sorry!! It was the opposite… “and also if the counted quantity was less than the on-hand made the voucher it means it has a cost, when the counted quantity is greater than the on-hand meaning a positive adjustment it makes no voucher.”

Are you updating the item cost on the released item - this would mean the purchase invoice is updating what is considered a base cost and the average would move with it. With no reference to a PO then a positive entry would look to the item record for the cost, if this is 0 the initial entry would be zero, and is then adjusted by the adjustment routine of inventory close for weighted average taking zero as the cost of the positive entry. I thought that was how it worked!

I’m working with a released item, I also run a recalculation from the inventory close process for the item, but no adjustment was made. I’m not sure to understand what you mean…

Does the released product have a cost on the item card?

The issue cost is weighted avg. based, the receipt will not take this unless you define it

Which would default from the item record cost on a counting journal