COUNT function against Customer Invoices

Hello all,

I am trying to built a report using COUNT function against customer Invoices on the basis of DAILY, MONTHLY, QUATERLY. Please help me on this.

Thanks in Advance

Dear Surya,

Please elaborate. Put your own efforts and logic and they if you find some issues let us know.

DUG can help you in facing the hurdle but the race, only you have to begin.



Hi Gaurav,

I already started working on this Report. I have got only3 columns i.e., Customer name, Sell to Number and Total for against each customer. But what I want is that total as 4 fields as quarter1 quarter2 quarter3 and quarter4 for an year.

Thanks in Advance

Hi Gaurav,

Did u get my question what i asked.

Do you have a report called Customer Sales Statistics?

You can control the start date & length of periods.

You can create an invoice count flowfield (just like the other flowfields in this report) & then add that field to this report.