couldn't open current session

i couldn’t open current session at file → database → open → information

do you what the problem is?

cause if i open view session directly in sql server, it couldn’t be opened too

Probably you don’t have the permissions to open it.

Does it give an error message?

i don’t think so mr kriki

if i back up from server and then i restore it to computer local , i could see the current session

yes , there is an error message , said

"The following SQL server error(s) occured while accessing the session table :

535, “22003”, [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server] Difference of two datetime columns caused overflow at runtime."

just for your information the time in my computer and computer server is the same

thanks for the answer

This sounds like you are trying to run 3.70 on SQL 2005 which is not supported.

no I didn’t

i use Navision 4 SP 1 and use SQL server 2000

server that i used is the same with my local computer

i have the same error with nav 4.0 (no sp) on sql 2000


That is a Navision bug in Sql Server.
Using Navision 4.0 in SQL Server 200 I would recommend SP2 and for SQL 2005 i recommend SP3.

only in database server?

i have several database at server

but the error is only one, and the others is still good…

Hi Stan,

The information you are looking at in Navision is a view from the SQL Server, in this instance its having an issue a bit like Navision does with a Type Conversion overflow. There was a post on here as to how to fix it, but since we upgraded it I can’t find it.

Also, when you post a question with regards to an error can I get you to put the error message in the first post, its just helps us out to try to resolve you question a little but quickier [:D]

I’ll have a look around and see if I can find a definative answer for you.


Edit -

Have a look at this. If I remember the there was something about changing the view to only work over a certain SPID.

Sessions View Fix

it’s okay mr TonyH

it seems you already help me , thank you very much for all your all help and information from this forum

i hope i could be expert as you are :slight_smile:

Hey stan,

we all started knowing nothing about Navision, and learn’t by asking questions, and answering those of others. You already know more now about Navision than most other people. Keep being active, and try out all the things that people post here, and then post answers and ask more questions, Soon you will know as much as the rest of us, Eventually there will be new Navision users saying “Hey I wish I knew as much about Navision as Stan does”!

wow !!!

thank you very much mr David :slight_smile:

i’m just a beginner, knowing navision since approximately 2 months ago

I just join with a new company that use Microsoft navision for the ERP system

and they didn’t have administrator to support and develop for navision

so they hire me and here i am… dynamicusser loyal member :slight_smile:

because of that , i often need help like master like all of you…

like the problem i used to… couldn’t open current session for database server

firsly i want to create new database

and then restore it to the server

so what do you think about it?