Couldn't find ZUP files

Hi All,

I am getting error ‘Internal Error 2 in module 10’, when I close the Navision. I read in some posts that by deleting the fin.zup , fin.dmp files, problem gets solved. But I couldn’t able to find any of these files under C:\Documents and settings\user\Appdata.

I also checked the space on work station, there is enough space.

Any suggestions are invited…

Thanks in advance…



Did you check under

C:\Documents and Settings<Login user>\Application Data (in XP)

They could also be somewhere else if the icon is set to same them to a different location. Check that there is not an ID parameter followed by a path in the properties of the icon.

In Windows 2007 C:\Documents and settings\user\Appdata\roaming.

Sometimes these folder ara hide,so you must chech that option.

Run windows option to look for ZUP.

regards Luana