Could not able to Refresh AOD and Refresh SSRS report Dataset

Hello All,

I got stuck with some serious issue in Production server where i am not able to refresh the AOD and also refresh the Dataset of the SSRS report in VS. Here is the actual error encountered.

"Error 1 Cannot create a record in System events (SysEvent). Event ID: 5637144597, Refresh AOD.

The record already exists."

I will be thankful if some one help me on this. pls

It seems data you have inconsistent data in SystemSequences table (for SysEvent sequence) and SysEvent table.

Also, why do you need executing Refresh AOD? You’re not do any development in Production, do you?

Hello Martin,

Thanks for your response. I have imported few EP controls in Production machine from staging machine, in order to affect the changes I am trying to refresh AOD.

Importing code from .xpo files is - from the deployment perspective - the same as writing code manually in the target environment. The recommended way of pushing code to production is using the model store (in AX 2012) or layers (in older versions of AX).