could get great if done right

id like to add a function to navision that filters al relevant documents (shipments, invoices, orders, quotes) to a given date. lets say. in 2004 a customer does not want to see docs from 2003 anymore. but he wants to keep the ability to view them. so what we need is some kind of “global date filter” that is changeable and saveable. fact is: if you modify every single form you can get it workin, but it hangs around, since the keys lack the date filed you filter for. i added 2 date-fields to the user setup (from-date and to-date) and added a subform (some kind of control panel) on every doc to let the user do some actions (change dates, remove filters). has anyone got a better idea? or just any comments …

Don’t do it. That’s my recommendation. You’ll end up with a LOT of mods. just for this little feature. Learn the customer to press CTRL+END.

Tom, we call this “training by means of code”. As Lars says, training is better for all.