Costprice calculation Production orders with referenced purchase orders

I am using Dynamics AX 2009.

When I create a production order i want to add some items to the BOM

These items I change to type Vendor, so when estimating the production order, there will be created extra purchase orders for these products in the BOM line. These purchase lines are marked to the production order (referenced)

I now change the purchase line price and text.

When I run a costprice calculation on this production order and I check the reference box, the actual new price from this purchase order is not included in the calculated costprice.

Why not ???

Does anyone know how to include the purchase price in the production price calculation ?

You will only see the real price when you end the production order.

Hello Fabricio,

Thanks for your response.

This I know, but I want a price calculation before production and then after production. This is needed for intercompany pricing. We want the forecast pricing to be in the intercompany pricing.

Is there a way to calculate the forecast price and compare this afterwards with the real costs ??

Kind regards René

Hi Rene, could you elaborate more on your requirements? What do you mean by forecast price, is this the same as estimated price?


Hi R. Oostingh,

You will obtain the estimated cost to item type Vendor just when you use the item price of Costing Version. The realized cost, you obtain after the closing of order.



You are changing the items on the BOM associated with the works order I presume?

What price is used? Is it the item card reference? So you add them and it shows them, so this is correct? But I am not clear on all the details. If it is going to create references it should work, but the route has to be setup with the vendor work centre linked to the item and the cost price of the work centre if you are sub-contracting as it seems you are - so probably you need to set sub-contracting up correctly, the setting of the BOM type to vendor is simply not enough.