Costing Version Help


I need some help on costing version.

I have created and activated a planned costing version with two different purchase prices for my two site.

Ex. site 1 for item 1001 = $1.00 / site 2 for item 1002 = $1.25.

When I go create the PO for site 1 for item 1001 I get $1.00, but when I create a PO for site 2 for the same item I also get that $1.00 purchase price. I cannot figure out the issue, can anyone help?

Many thanks

The costing version holds the cost, not the purchase price. You have defined different potential site costs in an average/FIFO environment. The trade agreements control the pricing costs from the vendor on a purchase order, not the costing version.


but the drop down menu allows you to select purchase price / cost price / sales price.

So it is, never noticed it before and it is not in the manual and mentioned no where. There is no reference to the costing version that I can see in any of the setups, so the standard purchase price will look at trade agreements then item prices. It would as you state be a useful tool to define the standard by site in this manner, although the trade agreement for all will enable teh same, which maybe why it does not work. I suggest you ask Microsoft, the costing sheet and versions are not documented and so far we are on a steep learning curve with this!