costing sheet setup


In Ax2009 Costing sheet setup, we can setup indirect cost.

There are 2 type of indirect cost calculation, Node type = Surcharge and Rate.

  1. Surchage can define by percentage

  2. Rate is define the fixed value.

I would like to ask let say i have build all the BOM with Route , how can i setup to add additional “fixed indirect Transport charges” USD10 into all the BOM??

Kindly advice. thanks.

I would add it as a service item to the BOM, categorising it as a transport cost group.

If you want use indirect costs then you are left with a percentage on material costs, which the transport is not related to. You could look at the quantity cost cateogry in the routing, but this would depend upon the quantity produced. You could also add a miscellaneous item code into the finished good product. Not really what the costing sheet indirect elements are designed for but to be honest I have not gone into great depth in this, and if you play around it may actually do it.